One Way to Lose

November 15th, 2012 by JBWK

File this one under “people who should have known better.”

An employee who sued his company for discrimination had his claim dismissed and is now on the hook for paying the company’s attorneys’ fees. The employee, a computer expert by trade, first planned on suing his employer in 2009. After being told he had to retain all email and electronic files on his work computer, he “wiped” it and “took a sledgehammer to it”–literally smashing it.

After arguing he backed up “most” of the files, and the court ordered him to turn over his laptop for inspection, he ran a program called Evidence Eliminator the same afternoon. Not content with that, he ran another program designed to delete files.

Citing the egregious conduct, the court dismissed his claims entirely and ordered him to pay attorneys’ fees and sanctions.

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